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You've probably made your way here because you're on the verge of giving up on your dreams, DON'T.

Let me help you eliminate the who am I-ness, imposter syndrome and self doubt in your way so you can finally match your confidence, self belief and self trust with the level of your passion and go and make your unique contribution to the world.

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Hey there

I'm  Erin.

I decided a long time ago now that the saddest thing that could come from any human would be,

'I kept picking it up and putting it down. I kept waiting to be sure- to feel capable, worthy and enough.


I kept waiting for the right time, for it (and me) to be perfect...and then the clock ran out.’

So now, I do my work in the world, which is to help others make their unique contribution and create a life they will be able to triumphantly sign their name to. 

You're dream was meant for you.

You are the carrier of 

the message

They've bought all the courses. They've got all the strategies.

They've been doing all the things but none of it is working out the way they imagined.

They keep second guessing themselves which has trapped them on what I call the 'Pick up- Put down Roundabout' -a cycle of

I can... I can't.    It's working... It's impossible.   Start... stop. 

Hope... defeat.

They are tired of the self sabotage.

They are tired of being sucked into the hype and promises of all the Gurus. The women who find me have been doing what they've heard over and over -


'Just show up... serve'

'If you want to be successful invest in yourself.' 

' You'll make your money back with your first sale.'


...They're willing and they show up but there's just something missing.

They're tired of looking around them and seeing others become more successful and making it seem so easy... but here they are - still confused, stuck and overwhelmed.

They're becoming more and more convinced that maybe they're not enough, not worthy and aren't deserving of their dream.

With women just like you who are about to give it all up and go back to their old life, their old job...

I have  conversations every week...

It's a value packed tool to help you to self diagnose what is really in the way and what needs to be dealt with so that you no longer doubt what you're doing, why you're doing it or that you're the one capable of bringing your dream to life.

Need something

                             RIGHT NOW TO HELP CLEAR THE OVERWHELM?


of powerful coaching


understanding  how humans learn and grow

10 year

deep dive into how humans  truly come alive



I don't work like many other coaches. 


My work with you isn't about more business strategies or copy and play templates.  My work with you isn't about you following someone else's rules or 10 step success plan.

My work with you is about YOU!

Here's a truth you'll hear from me often: ' Your uniqueness is the answer to your completeness.'

It's about the fact that YOU have gifts to give this world that no one else can.

You have a unique dream and a unique story- that is where you are going to find your success!

Forget all the gimmicks... and the comparisons... and the 'right way.'


You're here for big things that only YOU can bring. There's only your way. Focus on what you're adding to the world and what makes you different - that's your magic.  

The best version of you that can ever exist is the one that is the fullness of who YOU are.

Let me help you...

✔︎ Stop measuring your madness and start measuring your magic.

✔︎ Realign and refocus on what is actually important 

✔︎ Become unshakeable in who you are and what you're here to contribute to the world- Learn how to honour that.

Let me help you...

✔︎ Let go of all the labels and worry about others judgements

✔︎ Stand fully in your self trust, self belief and self worth 

✔︎ Stand inside your own dream with absolute confidence and  never be tempted to put it down again



I have walked through the last 20 years living a half lived life.


I have done counselling, read so many self help books and have done endless personal development - yet still lived in fear, like a scared little girl - like I wasn't meant for anything big or alive.


Fast forward 13 weeks and I am the person I never thought I could be! I am no longer the scared little girl who attached meaning to everything. I am finally free.

If you want to finally resolve what is going on inside of you, then jump into this program. Your life will be forever changed!



Human Keys offered me my first taste of freedom.  It made me cry - I wanted more of that! 

For the first time the person I was pretending to be, met the real me and I could hear my soul yelling at me, ' I want to come out'... and I let it.

IMG_9174 2.jpg


I was living in a place of putting a lot of pressure on myself to be what a successful woman should look like, not realising that I was really just forcing myself to fit into a world where I couldn't be myself.

I've always looked for external ways to change things because I was convinced that was the solution to all of my internal issues- I've moved across the country. I've changed jobs numerous times... I left relationships.

After finishing ALIVE ON ARRIVAL I see so clearly now that I was actually looking for the part of me that I'd always been running away from- my creative side and all of the parts I didn't think would be accepted because they didn't fit the mould.

I've given myself permission to be me. I'm so content and free.  My eclectic, excited, zestful me is allowed and I haven't had that for a really long time. I'm so worthy of all the things that are calling to me.

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Take action

powerful action?


Click here to take the quiz 'Get back on track with your self belief' 

Uncover what's really hidden and in the way.  It's all yours for FREE.


Click here to book a powerful 'Save my dream' coaching session.

This is the perfect session for you if you need to:

✔︎ Dramatically increase your certainty in who you are, what you're doing and why

✔︎ Dump the self doubt, overwhelm and frustration you've had

✔︎ Discover an insight that will have you stop second guessing for good



Click here to discover more about my programs and offers.

Learn to let go of all the labels, negative self talk and worry about others opinions and judgements.  Let me help you find the self trust, self belief and self worth to stand on this earth as no one but yourself and create a life you can triumphantly sign your name to.



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