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✔︎Embodying and deeply understanding your unique purpose
     ✔︎ Understanding your voice and how to honour it
     ✔︎ Positioning yourself as the expert and leader you are
     ✔︎ Rising above the noise with your unique messages
     ✔︎Amplifying your impact and your income by knowing how to 
        clearly communicate your value.



If you are a woman who has been trying to share your transformational work in the world for 2..3..4 years but you’re struggling to generate the impact at the level you know you can and you're experiencing ANY of these 5 problems -




1) Your impact and income have been plateaued for more than 3 months in both new clients and new audience growth

2) When people do say an initial yes to your offers or invitations - they sign up but don't show up, or they come to an initial call and then ghost you.

3) You know that how you think, lead, teach and change lives is DIFFERENT - you KNOW that what you're offering is valuable but even're showing up and putting content out at least 3 x per week - it feels like it's getting lost in the scroll and there's little engagement - it's just crickets.

4) You've invested more than $5000 into programs, workshops, courses and 'How to' events over the last 2 years ...and you have more strategies, tools, templates, tips, hacks and tricks than ever, but you've STILL not been able turn it into consistent impact or income 

5) You've been following all the advice like:  

Just pick a niche for now... you need a lead magnet - a freebie... show up more and keep posting need a funnel...You need to offer like, know and trust  BUT... for all the time, energy and effort you've been putting in to do just that - the ROI is nowhere near where you were hoping it would be by now.


Consistent impact and income IS possible as a Coach, Healer or Wellness Expert IF ... you're focussed on the right things!


Now ...

If you're experiencing those problems then it's likely you're making these mistakes:


That's why this event is for you! I'm going to help you understand exactly what to STOP and what to START!


→ Collecting other peoples success maps, plans, strategies and tools believing that if it

     worked for them it will work for you.  Come and find out why this is a trap.

→ Your focus has been on gathering marketing skills, strategies and sales techniques         

     before you've truly mastered your messaging which means you're likely struggling

     to attract the attention of your ideal audience to make any of those strategies

     powerful. Come and find out what really attracts the right audience.

→ You've fallen into the learner not leader trap. You're being 'sold' into programs,

     courses or coaching because of the enticing '6 figures in 6 months' promises and the

     ridiculous list of bonuses with hyper inflated value - BUT... you're not saying yes

     because you have a clear plan of what you're mastering this year and it's perfect -

     you're saying yes because it popped up in your inbox or in your feed and the

     marketing tactics drew you in...sign up now for this bonus... Sally made 6 figures in 6

     weeks... If you don't do this one thing you'll fail...

→ You're starting and then starting again.  You're picking it up and putting it down. 

     You're staying on pause for a long time on things like - trying to nail your niche, or

     create the perfect elevator pitch or... creating your funnel.  You haven't yet found a

     direction that feels right or feels like it's working so you're switching - webinars to

     memberships... 1:1 to group programs... instagram to tic tok.

→ In an attempt to get more clients you're reducing your prices and or offering to work

     for free or in ways that don't truly light you up.  The panic and the frustration of feast and

     famine with clients and income has you chasing the next thing to bring money in for now.

In this FREE event...

I'm going to unlock for you...

✔︎ Why it hasn’t been working and what to do about it


✔︎The top 3 things YOU should do to stand out as an expert


✔︎The equation for creating transformational offers and programs that are so valuable

    and so popular, you’ll need a waitlist

✔︎ A framework that not only maps the 8 essential components of a successful impact

    to income business but also contains your solutions when things aren’t working

And… so many other things


You can expect...

  • Hot Seats: Dive deep into your desires, uncover the story behind your passion, and receive the powerful questions that are going to help you map out a clear path to bring your unique offerings to life.

  •  Insights: Discover the pitfalls most people fall into- from unclear messaging to chasing the wrong strategies. Avoid wasted time, energy, and resources on what doesn't align with your purpose

  •  Solutions:  A renewed courage and conviction that you were made for you mission and that the most powerful and potent work you can offer is your unique contribution - which has its own unique success path

It's time to be seen, heard, and recognised.


If you're here with a BIGmission message or purpose

You need to know...

  • Cookie cutter advice won’t work for you because what you're offering isn’t cookie cutter


  • Following all the strategies that expert gave you that worked for their product to income model won’t work for you because you're here for impact to income


  • Echoing over saturated messages that your audience are seeing and hearing from many other people won’t work for you because you know you're different


  • Quick tips and tricks won’t work for you because you're here for lasting transformation and legacy - a life mission


  • Copy and paste solutions wont work for you because what you’re creating is unique and bespoke to you- your genius, your thought leadership, mission and purpose.


I'm going to unlock for you...

✔︎ Why it hasn’t been working and what to do about it


✔︎The top 3 things YOU should do to stand out as an expert


✔︎The equation for creating transformational offers and programs that are so valuable

    and so popular, you’ll need a waitlist

✔︎ A framework that not only maps the 8 essential components of a successful impact

    to income business but also contains your solutions when things aren’t working

And… so many other things


You and I both know...

You're NOT just ’another one of them.’ 


… another coach

… another page to follow

… another person in their scroll

… another person selling them something


You and I both know that’s not true... you’re not just another 'one of them.'

You're here with solutions that are needed, wisdom that can change lives and a unique mission, message or purpose. You're here to help them take back their power, choice, truth, freedom and self trust.

Come and join me for this value packed FREE event so I can help you leave the uncertainty and frustration behind... and once again bring forward the powerful leader within



More than ever...

The online coaching, wellness and healing space is a skyrocketing market and is fast becoming a trillion dollar industry.

In Australia alone, approximately 600,000 online businesses offer online services within the coaching, holistic health, and wellness course niches.

The ICF estimated that by this year, 2024, there’d be hundreds of thousands of certified coaches worldwide.


Everyday there are ever increasing new invitations of offers, programs, workshops and solutions put in front of your ideal audience.

So tell me,

…If you're in amongst everyone else signing up to all the group programs and latest ‘how to workshops’ to find the right, best, fastest ways to build a business... and ultimately doing the same things, the same way - how do you stand out?

More than ever Stats are saying people are hungry for unique;

An experience they know they cannot get anywhere else. 


…One that reveals to them insights, breakthroughs and transformation they didn’t see coming.


…Messages they’ve never heard. 


…Concepts they’ve never heard.


…Missing pieces they didn’t know they needed to be looking for - that finally fill the gaps they couldn’t fill.


They want from you-something new.


Good thing you’re not like the others 😉😉


Good thing I’m not either 😎 - come and get something new!


Sign up details -flodesk

Who am I?

I am known for really seeing, understanding and working with the big picture in a way very few people can.


I've spent almost a decade now doing a deep dive into how humans work.  


What makes them thrive? Whole?  Heal?  Suffer? Feel defeated, unworthy, not enough? Creative? Conscious? Enlightened?


And my absolute favourite... What leads them to unleashing their genius in ways that can't be replicated. 

How can I help you?

I help transformational Coaches, Healers and Wellness Experts to:

 ✔︎ Deeply understand their own genius and uniqueness so they can be seen and

     heard above the noise


✔︎ Learn how to organise their genius, wisdom, skills and knowledge into sold out

     programs, offers and experiences


✔︎ Know exactly how to communicate their unique offers in ways people say ‘YES!’

✔︎ Become recognised as a leading expert and thought leader and be

    acknowledged for their leadership and Intellectual Property

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