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Is niching down working for you?

Here’s a bold statement:

No longer can we all afford to fit a formula for describing who we help and how.

Here’s another one:

The coach, healer, teacher, mentor or leader IS the niche- they just don’t know it.


Statistica shows that in America alone, nearly 500 new online businesses in the coaching, health, wellness and course creation industries, are started every day.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), by this year 2023, there would be an estimated 93,000 certified professional coaches across the world.

Additionally, research from Global Wellness Institute shows that the global wellness economy was valued at $4.5 trillion in 2019 and was expected to reach $5.5 trillion by 2022.

That’s a lot of noise, faces, offers and ‘I’ve got your solution’ flags being waved- all aimed at your similar audience.


If you're like me you've likely heard over and over from those who’ve come before you, things like...

'Just pick a niche for now’

‘Here's a formula to help you describe what you do'

‘Your first step is to get clear on who you help and how’

And also like me, you may have listened to that advice for a really long time because everyone was saying it so it’s easy to assume that there must be the right way to do it.

Let’s face it, we want to get it right.

We want a successful business and so we want to get it right.

Here’s what I also did…

I gathered formulas. I wrote and re wrote my niche statements.

I picked a niche for now and I ended up…

Swapping niche after niche after niche.

→Yes I was getting clients.

→Yes I was making money.


⛌⛌ They weren't the clients I was desperate to work with and the work wasn’t in areas I felt like I were my zone of genius.

⛌⛌ I wasn't creating anything that I could grow and I could feel myself getting further and further away from my actual dream.

I even had a Business Coach tell me once, ' Just pick mothers - that's a niche thats taking off.’

I ended up doing course after course thinking there was something wrong with me.

They were all saying the same thing....

1.Use this formula

2. Pick a niche and

3. …Start.

So there I was ...Stuck with 100 different versions of same thing but not my thing.

It felt more and more like I was focussed on fitting the formula than I was on fitting my dream.

I could make it sound good - in all of its forms, but if I was honest - all the sounding good didn't at all feel like me.

And I'll admit - for a little while there I succumbed to the idea I just simply had to choose - I had to sacrifice my passion to fit the formula because who was I to disagree or question what just about every marketer, business coach or content and course creation expert had said?

I just wasn’t willing to make the trade any more.

I wanted it all - passion, freedom and excitement about who I was working with, why and how.

I began to question the parroted messages of ‘niching down.’

Was it really that I needed more clarity on the demographics… like specifying their age range? Their income bracket?

My curiosity led me to discovering the main reason this message still remains strong.

It’s that many of those sharing that message just simply don’t have another way of helping people describe what they do.

That’s all it really boiled down to with the people I spoke to.

They had no other way of helping people create the distinction of who they helped and how because they were passing on what they were told and used.

… and that was - ‘get more micro, niche down further… here’s a formula…

‘ I help… to …. so they can....’

The equation that was being sold and told to me over and over again was:

Clarity ( Who + what+ how) = prosperity.

And I really spent time looking at this.

Because if that was true, if that was the right answer and all anyone needed was to fit the formula and target the right niche, with the right way to say it all - if that was one of the initial cornerstones to starting a successful business-

…then why do 1/4 women give it all up within the first year and why, within 5 years, does that number rise to 50% of women putting down their dream?

Because that message is everywhere. The support to do that is everywhere…

‘Get more micro, niche down… here’s a formula.’

So if that did work, then why do only a select few actually manage to make it happen?

And at what point do we settle on sacrificing our passion for micro-micro-micro niching, just to get a foot in the door?

More and more, with my own coaching clients, I was constantly meeting women who were on the verge of giving up on their dream because they were struggling to be seen or heard by their ideal client or audience and watching their bank accounts dwindle even though they could explain who they helped and how.

They could recite it.

They had an answer for it but they weren’t getting any momentum with it. As a result, they were getting swept up into self doubt, comparison and second guessing their worth, value and contribution in the world.

Even though... they'd done all the courses, workshops, webinar hacks and niche formula's -here they were, feeling like a failure because they were STILL not getting the results they expected.

Their heart wasn’t in it. They had lost all momentum and passion for working on it and they were finding themselves lying to their family and friends about their income and success, spending less and less time on their business and more and more time distracted.

They were hiding. Hiding in shame and guilt and defeat.

Was it because they didn’t offer value or because they weren’t knowledgeable or skilled in their offerings? No.


I believe, like all things- the time for evolution of the niche (and our understanding of it), has come.

No longer can we all fit a formula for describing who we help and how and that be enough to get the attention of potential clients or the right audience willing to pay for help to solve and resolve their problems.

This high-volume online world calls for those selling, to stand out, stand clear and be certain of their entirely unique in ways of helping that can’t be found anywhere else.

The coach, healer, teacher, mentor or leader is the niche- they just don’t know it.

In this age, you need to know how to become the niche and have the market come to you.

In my coaching conversations I was paying particular focus to the fact that not many of the women were able to explain what makes them different or unique.

…What makes the way they think, operate, teach, coach or lead… entirely unique from anyone else in their niche?

And not just because of their packages or products but because of who they were.

Many of them found it quite difficult to answer those questions as their thinking had never been in that direction before, they’d simply been at the mercy of their audience and trying to react and respond to them in order to hold onto their revenue.

They were also women who:

→ Had lost the passion in their business and felt further than ever from the original why.

→ Were attracting more and more of the wrong people.

→ Feeling trapped within the niche they were in because their whole audience was now in a niche they weren’t passionate about. They just chose it because that was the advice.

→Hit a certain income level and were stuck there because regardless of what they were trying, they didn’t seem to be able to grow beyond it.

Here’s what I helped them truly understand -

If you really deeply know who you are and you really understand the value you bring that can’t be found anywhere else, that makes you valuable.

YOU are the niche.

If you’re willing to not only stand for that but in it and on it, the market will come to you.

When your audience understands you are the niche and they can’t find what you offer anywhere else, you stand out from the crowd.

It was so clear for me in my business since the beginning, that I didn’t operate in a way anyone else I knew, did.

It was so clear that all along that had been the problem.

I didn’t fit a formula. I didn’t fit a micro niche… and to be very honest, I didn’t want to.

I wasn’t leaving my 20 year career to create a life from my BIG mission, message or purpose in the world only to feel like I had to squeeze myself into a box to make it happen.

I stepped into the online world for more freedom, empowerment and control.

But everywhere I turned I was told, ‘Pick a niche, use this formula and start.’

So initially, I created the other way as a solution for ME to resolve this niche divide I felt I was stuck in.

I wanted to solve the problem of being able to be me ( ALL of me), whilst also attracting and working with clients who completely lit me up …and make great money from value I gave.

And I did it.

I realised that the equation wasn’t

Clarity ( Who, what, how) = prosperity

But in fact it was built from an equation that looks like this:

Polarity + Sincerity = Clarity

And that's what leads to prosperity

**Not only does it lead to prosperity but it also 10X your passion again.

Essentially, I help women unlock their uniqueness first.


I help them get REALLY clear on who they are and how they do it all differently.

This is the only way they know who they would best serve and how in an incredibly unique way.

For example, Solution Creators work with very different people than Problem Solvers but if you don't know which one you are, you'll likely end up attracting the wrong clients or audience and not understand why.


I then help women build a platform of sincerity...Sincerity in the promised results, in the guarantees and genuine care of the clients they work with.

Their platform is built on deep knowledge about the value they bring and the impact it can have. It also brings enormous integrity to how they work, who they work with and who they don't.


Step 1 and 2 lead to the who and how.

So not only do the women I help make their dream happen but they're doing it in a way that fully aligns with them and fully serves those they're working with.

I was right to question it all because what I've discovered changed it all for my own business and the women I help.

There was a way. I just had to create it.

It works specifically for those who are big picture, solution creators with a BIG mission, message or purpose in the world.

…And it delivers freedom, empowerment and control in showing up, creating and delivering.

When you do it all this way and create your business from your uniqueness, you ditch:

  • Any temptation to compare yourself to anyone else in your niche

  • The self doubt, feelings of imposter syndrome, not enoughness or unworthiness

  • The need to find ‘the right way’ because you realise the only right way is your way

You understand:

  • Why people would pay you well for your skills, knowledge and understandings even without a ‘formal’ qualification

  • How to explain, share and invite people into what you do, without hesitation

  • How to clearly articulate who you work with specifically and how you help them so you only attract the clients/ audience that light you up the most

You fully step into:

  • Your true worth and value - your unique contribution and gifts

  • Your self trust and wisdom to make it happen

  • Being the leader of your dream, mission, message or purpose in the world

If this makes sense to you, if this resonates and you've had the same struggles as the women I mentioned or similar experiences of feeling like all you’ve been doing is squashing yourself into a box to micro-niche… and you're done with doing it the old way,

I can show you an entirely new way.

I will walk you through in more detail a new way of thinking, working and building your business that will completely help you ditch the comparison with others in your niche, the self doubt and second guessing all while building a business that feels easier, way more aligned and a whole lot

If you have really tried the old way and it’s not working and you’re looking for more influence, impact and BIGGER results let me show you a new way.

Become the niche and have the market come to you.


Reach out to me, let’s have a powerful conversation about your business or dream.

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