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I can’t make the LIVE sessions, will there be a replay?

Yes there will be replays available. You should however understand that the full experience includes the connection, participation and engagement with the community.

Your experience will be far richer, fuller and more expansive as an active member. In fact, the expectation is that you fully participate and are willing to catch your courage, share your insights and connect with others during the challenge.

If you cannot be there live, I highly suggest you engage in other ways  after watching the replay such as sharing your insights in the forum, asking questions and sharing how the hot seats have supported or deepened your own understandings.

The replays are only available for a limited time. There are no life time access promises with this program.

It’s a group environment, I’m more a 1:1 person. How will I get the support I need and not get lost in the crowd?

You’ll get out of it, what you put into it.


There are so many ways for you to be seen, heard and recognised, not only from me but from the community.


Sharing your insights, asking questions in the community, seeking feedback. The more actively you engage, the more you will gain.


There will be opportunities for hot seats during the group coaching sessions.


You are always welcome to contact me and ask for one that month if you feel you have a particular issue that would benefit the entire group.


These months I am in service to the entire group, so hot seats will be prioritised on that basis. There is a cap and limit as to how many women I let into the group each month to ensure that no one gets lost in the crowd.


If you’re after 1:1 work, contact me - let’s chat.

The price is a little higher than the usually monthly memberships I’m in. Why is that?

Actually, the true value of the monthly support is $695

And when you consider some statistics of the benefits of engaging in communities like this, such as:


→ McKinsey & Company reporting and those who connect into diverse perspectives and community are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the industry mean.


→A study by Deloitte showing the solopreneurs who actively seek collaborations experience 2.2 times more growth in their businesses


Or ...


→ Hivebrite proving that solopreneurs who actively engaged in communities or collaborative groups are 33% more likely to outperform their peers...


Then actually 🫡 - perhaps I should reconsider the price where it is and put it up to the real value 😉


But seriously... did you know the average Business Mastermind costs between $15,000 – $30,000 a year ?


That’s more than $1000 a month. This is $97 a month.


$97 For you to arrive in your days with infinitely more power, confidence and with unwavering conviction.


This is YOUR opportunity to double, triple ....10x your impact this year - all within an inspirational community of women to collaborate and connect with.


You don’t have to do it alone!


Price and value and whether it’s worth it will be only ever relevant to each individual person and exactly how committed they are to the impact and income they want to create- realising that their own internal growth is the best and fastest way to get there.


You might not be ready for that and that's ok. But if you are... LET'S GO! 😉

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